Wednesday, August 13, 2008


On my glorious drive out to the sticks, I had an epiphany...

What if in enlisting the general public to the cause of the primary care physician, one uses billboards to pique the interest of the average American?

I sure see enough religious propoganda out there... why not pool physician resources to buy up some billboard space?

Not that it's possible to explain something as complex as the death of primary care in the modern era in a space the size of a billboard.... but give little tidbits... and of course a website. The approach I think would be most effective would be counter-pointing the stump-phrases used by our politicians to woo voters: "We're for affordable all-you-can-eat healthcare!" That one is a hard one to counter-point on a billboard... but how about something like....

"Increasing medical school class sizes is just going to make more dermatologists."

"Universal healthcare is pointless if all the doctors only want to inject botox."

"What good are 100 heart doctors when all you need is your sore throat looked at?"

We just need to start somewhere... the ad campaign could even simply be titled: "Why Can't I Find a (Regular/Family) Doctor?"

Any thoughts?

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